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Welcome to Hylands Ancient Kauri Ltd, makers of stunning bespoke native timber furniture and giftware.

We specialise in producing the very best handmade wooden furniture for every room in your home at reasonable prices custom made to your requirements.

We also manufacture custom made kitchens and commercial fittings from a full range of materials and can supply benchtops in laminate, stone and timber.

We have our own supply of Kauri, Macrocarpa, Gum and various native timbers and have our own Mill so mill most of the timber ourselves.

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The Hyland family have a farm near Okaihau in Northland, New Zealand, on which approximately 100 acres of ancient kauri logs are buried or partially buried. The family describe this area “The Kauri Graveyard”.

In this special place there are four generations of Kauri buried on top of each other. Although more research needs to be done, it appears that the most recent forest was killed by fire as only the stumps have been left above ground. The three generations below ground are all buried in log form, and each generation would have perished through different natural disasters which have occurred in New Zealand over the last 100,000 years. There is volcanic ash in the ground which most probably came from the Lake Taupo eruption.

Each generation of Kauri has been carbon dated, with the third deepest being carbon dated at 45,000 years old, and the deepest generation estimated to be approx. 100,000 years old.

The logs have been preserved in a form of silica sand resulting from volcanic activity in the region which would have contributed to Lake Omapere being formed.

There is no intention by the Hyland family to exploit this natural treasure, recognising that it is a finite and most revered resource. Research is being carried out to find out what happened to each generation so that the correct story can be told about the Kauri at this location.

At their factory in Kerikeri some of the Kauri is being used to make custom made furniture and it is hoped that these crafted one off and heirloom pieces will be available for New Zealanders to enjoy and own a special piece of their heritage.